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For Buyers

This is How I Help You as a Buyer

1. Help you obtain pre-approval for a loan.

I have a network of lenders who I can connect you with to get you pre-approved for a mortgage – a necessity when you are shopping in a competitive market. Buyers need to understand there is a difference between being preapproved vs. prequalified. Without a doubt, you want to be pre-approved. With a pre-approval, the lender will verify a buyer’s employment, income, and research their credit history. If you are planning to get financing, getting a pre-approval letter is a must! In this competitive market, most sellers will not accept any offers without a solid pre-approval letter.  


2. Help you find the right home for your needs.

Hunting for a home is exhausting even when everything goes smoothly. I will help you narrow down your search to save you time and energy by asking you targeted questions to help you define precisely what you want. I can help you focus on the right location, neighborhood, school district, property type, and more. It will still take time and energy to shop for the right property, but a lot of that time and energy will be mine. 

3. Negotiate an offer.

When you find a home that you want, one that really excites you, it is time to make an offer. But what offer should you be putting forward? Making an offer too low isn’t smart because it will probably be ignored and potentially anger the seller.

One the other hand, you don’t want to offer too much, because no one wants to spend more than they have to. You’ll need to hit the sweet spot – an amount that I'm qualified to help you choose. Why - because I will conduct a market analysis to show you what the current market conditions are for the home and neighborhood that you desire.

4. Help you select a home inspector.

Some home inspectors are better than others. I can connect you with proven home inspectors that have extensive knowledge of home construction. I highly recommend that buyers have the home inspected during what is called a due diligence period. Depending on the home, several inspections might be needed  to include a whole house general inspection, septic inspection, wood destroying organism inspection, radon test, well water test, and mold test. 

5. Attend the home inspection.

Home inspectors can miss problems, which is why it's important o have a second set of eyes there. Since I represent you, the buyer, to the fullest, I attend the home inspection to make sure everything goes as it should. And after the inspection, I can help you understand the results. Sometimes buyers can struggle to know what problems are worth stressing over and which aren’t. I will help you decide what issues are ones you need to be concerned with.

6. Negotiate any home inspection repair requests.

Issues that you find through the home inspection may be ones that we need to discuss with the seller. I can tell you which problems need to be brought up for negotiations and will handle the negotiation process for you. If needed, I will negotiate for a price reduction, repairs, or some other concession that is justified due to possilble problems with the home. Mediating issues from a house inspection are commonplace, and I'm skilled at doing it.

7. Communicate with the seller’s agent and your attorney throughout the process.

Things continuously change during the real estate transaction process. With each shift in the landscape, every vital party in the transaction needs to be aware of what is happening. I maintain constant communication between all parties to keep the transaction moving smoothly and timely. Excellent communication skills are one of the hallmark traits of an exceptional agent, whether they are representing a buyer or seller.

8. Monitor your loan commitment.

As a former mortgage broker, I'm extremely familiar with the loan process. I counsel my buyers during the loan process to ensure that the loan makes it to the final approval. A pre-approval is just that. There are still many additional steps for the final loan approval to come about.  When you get a pre-approval, it’s based on your financial situation at the time of your application, and any significant changes you make after that can cause the funding to fall through. No one wants this to happen, so I keep track of your mortgage process and advise you on how to protect your approval. Additionally, your mortgage commitment date is a critical milestone in your contract. We want to make sure that you receive the loan commitment by this date. If for some reason, the commitment doesn't come on the date we need it to, I will request and extension of the due diligence period from the seller.  

9. Finalize all loose ends for the closing.

There are a surprising number of details that need to be addressed to finalize a closing. Buyers have enough on your plate as it is, which is why I continually ensure that all of closing transaction details are getting completed I finalize any loose ends so that you close without any issues. Part of the final steps for getting to the closing will be doing a final walkthrough to ensure the condition of the home is the same as when your offer was accepted and the contract was executed by all parties. If something does is amiss, I will be there to advise you on how to move forward.

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