About Camille

Camille Yates Realtor Vero Beach Florida Hendersonville North Carolina

Camille at age four with her father 

All of my life I’ve loved being outdoors. I learned to swim when I was a year old and caught my first fish at two years old. Although I was born and raised in a huge city, Dallas, Texas, I was still captivated by nature whether it was watching birds or looking at big storms coming across the horizon. Many years later, I’m still a “bird nerd” and “weather geek.”

After graduating with a degree in pre-law from the University of North Texas, I followed my mother to the beaches of Florida and also to the mountains of North Carolina. I am passionate and knowledgeable about both areas and have written a book about the Indian River Lagoon – North America’s most diverse estuary. I have a Master of Science in Ecology, and I’m a licensed REALTOR® in both Florida and North Carolina.

I’d love to talk to you about real estate. Let me be your confidant and your coach guiding you through the real estate transaction process. And If you are interested, I’ll also share my knowledge about birds and other wildlife, mountain biking, hiking and landscaping using native plants. Let me show you how wonderful it is to live and own property in both Western North Carolina and East Central Florida.